We are inspired by our homeland and its unique gifts.
We are driven by the idea of sharing with the rest of the world what we have been enjoying for generations.


Our family of products

When we talk about our products between us, we refer to them using names that have always been in our family, for a very simple reason: they are part of our family as well, their every drop being the continuation of our tradition and the embodiment of the pride and austere grandeur of our homeland, Lakonia.
We talk to the trees in our olive grove and work with them, respecting their nature, as the people of this unique piece of land always have. As our family has, for five generations now.
We carefully pick the best our olive trees have to offer, bottle their precious juice and offer it to you from the heart, as the Heritage of Lakonia and Greece command.
Η οικογένεια μας και η ελιά

Our family and the olive tree

The Christakos family and the olive tree have a long, personal history that goes back generations, not just years. The land and the trees have always been our compass, our point of reference.