Premium, early harvest

Extra virgin olive oil

Limited Reserve / Naturally phenolic rich

Nickname: “Efthymios”


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Variety: “Smyrtolia,” a rare, unique in history, native, ancient variety of Lakonia.

Roots: Our century-old olive grove, which laid its roots in the, one-of-a-kind, krokean stone. It is a living monument of nature, consistently producing, here, for centuries, natural olive juice. A small wonder of longevity and good living, on your table.

Harvesting: Olives are hand-picked, while they are still green and almost unripe, at the exactly right moment for achieving this balance between intensity, nutritional value, aromas and flavours.

Personality: A product early and strong, with certified health protective properties, with a full fruity flavour and intense aromas that impress and stand out. Impeccable and low in acidity, it is bottled in handmade, numbered bottles. A rewarding choice with a strong personality, delightful and healthy.

Why choose it: A rare opportunity to introduce a modern Lakonian “elixir” of life and strength into your daily diet, and enjoy the foods you love, like you’ve never had before.