Innovative “Kalamon” extraction

Extra virgin olive oil
Special Reserve / Naturally phenolic rich

Nickname: “Eirini”


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Variety: The legendary “Kalamon” variety, world leader among table olives, in a new and innovative form: as a source of natural juice, unlike any other.

Roots: Our proud olive grove of “Kalamon” olives that has provided food for our family for whole generations, and produces famous olives, with fans all around the world.

Harvesting: Applying a modern olive-picking methodology, starting earlier than we would if the olives were destined for eating. Working closely with the trees and extracting olive oil immediately are required to achieve this bright result.

Personality: Tradition and innovation come together in an extra virgin olive oil produced in limited quantity, and owing its unique character to the creative thinking behind its conception. Product of our desire for new discoveries and for taking an already established fruit to the next level. The high polyphenol content, its fresh flavour and subtle aromas further enhance delight, every single time.

Why choose it: Different and impressively tasty, it creatively challenges you to combine it with whatever inspires you. With a guaranteed nutritional value, it contributes towards good health.