The olive grove (Terroir)

The centuries-old olive grove of Krokees

The centuries-old olive grove of Krokees follows the course of the place’s history. It has been offering its fruits and juices incessantly through the centuries to all those who take care of it and cultivate it, with patience and respect for its offerings.
Its distinctive microclimate, its geographical location and the modern tests, as oleiculture keeps evolving, come to document the wisdom of those who, many generations back, tamed, planted and nurtured this lung of food, health and wealth.

Our olive grove.
Protected Designation of Origin

The personality of the Krokees olive grove is so clear; the exceptional olive oil it produces is so distinctive that the European Union decided that its unique quality and high nutritional value should be protected, as it is an asset transcending the boundaries of the area.
And so, it included the extra virgin Krokees olive oil in the list of European products with Protected Designation of Origin.
Our estate is an important part of this olive grove!