Smertolia of Sparta

A rare variety, ancient as History, authentic as the place that gave birth to it: a true Spartan. Same as the people of Lakonia, it is resilient and... frugal, very resistant to both cold and drought. Acclimated to the conditions and the microclimate of the area, for centuries now, it has been bearing small, precious, healthy fruit, with a strong flavour that stands out.
Our century-old olive grove in Krokees, with soil conditions unique in the world, consists of olive trees of this very variety of such strong personality, rooted in “Krokean stone,” a special stone, tough and hard to tame. You will find it no place else.
“Smertolia” produces extra virgin olive oil of top nutritional value confirmed by its high content in polyphenols. It yields high-quality juice, but not in large quantity.

Entirely fitting to our philosophy and to the way in which we have been producing, distinctive extra virgin olive oils that are worthy of your trust.