Premium, “Koroneiki” monovarietal

Extra virgin olive oil

Naturally phenolic rich

Nickname: “Demetrios”


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Variety: The emblematic “Koroneiki” variety, synonym of Greece, present almost everywhere, produces completely different flavours and intensities, depending on the microclimate and the soil it grows on.

Roots: Rooted in our olive grove, producing the extra virgin olive oil of every day, every dish, every special moment. Unique thanks to the land that gave birth to it and to the effort we put in its production, all year round.

Harvesting: At the beginning of the olive-picking season, basing our decisions on quality, not quantity. Respecting century-old traditions: Greek growers and “Koroneiki” at its best make a winning “team,” anywhere in the world.

Personality: World-renowned extra virgin olive oil from Lakonia, with a Greek DNA. It rises to every taste challenge demonstrating its virtues on every occasion. Its balanced flavour and aromas together with the Health Claim attest to its undeniable nutritional value.

Why choose it: Familiar yet original, precious yet affordable, versatile in taste and strong in “synergies,” it works with all your other favourite flavours. Make it a part of your daily diet, savour it on every occasion and get the best of its unique attributes.